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Preserving Nature, Pursuing Passion

About Us


Established in 2018, Riverby Flats is a distinguished private waterfowl ranch nestled 1/4 mile from the banks of the Red River in scenic Fannin County, Texas. Our sprawling landscape is primarily safeguarded under the Wetlands Reserve Program, an initiative dedicated to the restoration and preservation of natural wetland habitats.

As a haven for waterfowl and other riparian wildlife, Riverby Flats plays a pivotal role in the larger conservation efforts in North Texas. Adjacent to the property, the North Texas Municipal Water District has recently acquired land as part of the Lower Bois d'Arc Creek Reserve project, reinforcing our commitment to sustaining the delicate balance of nature.

Our Mission: Waterfowl Conservation

At Riverby Flats, our mission is clear — waterfowl conservation is at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in contributing to the protection and restoration of natural habitats, fostering an environment where waterfowl and other wildlife can thrive. The seasonal opportunities for waterfowl harvesting, along with trophy deer, hogs, and predator hunting, are integral components of our holistic conservation strategy.

Custom-Designed Habitat

The very land that now constitutes Riverby Flats was meticulously designed by wildlife biologists. Their expertise and passion were harnessed to restore the habitat to its natural form along the Red River. The result is a carefully curated landscape that serves as a haven for waterfowl, providing an essential refuge for various riparian species.

Experience the Beauty of Riverby Flats

Whether you're an avid hunter, a nature enthusiast, or someone seeking a tranquil escape, Riverby Flats welcomes you. Our carefully crafted environment offers a unique opportunity to witness the beauty of nature in its unspoiled state.

Join us in our commitment to waterfowl conservation and the preservation of natural habitats. Explore Riverby Flats and be part of an experience that goes beyond hunting — it's about embracing the harmony between man and nature.

Thank you for visiting Riverby Flats. Discover, preserve, and indulge in the wonders of the great outdoors with us.

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